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761 Black Tank Battalion Hoodie

761 Black Tank Battalion Hoodie

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This hoodies pays Homage to the Black Soldiers of WW II of the 761 Tank Battalion. The hoodie has the Battalion and Unit patches and the Famous Double V patch. The Double V was the movement that Black Soldiers fought for Victory at Home and Abroad. In every War they thought that their Sacrifice would be respected and give them equality upon their return home. That didnt happen and they often came home to be treated worse.

 The 761st Tank Battalion was an independent tank battalion of the United States Army during World War II. Its ranks primarily consisted of African American soldiers, who by War Department policy were not permitted to serve in the same units as White troops; the United States Armed Forces did not officially desegregate until after World War II. The 761st were known as the Black Panthers after their distinctive unit insignia, which featured a black panther's head, and the unit's motto was "Come out fighting". Decades after the war, the unit received a Presidential Unit Citation for its actions. In addition, a large number of individual members also received medals, including one Medal of Honor, eleven Silver Stars and approximately 300 Purple Hearts

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